U16 Commissioners

The commissioners for the 2018 season are Eric Hyde and Mike Hyde.  Their direct email is jslu16s@jrsaltdogs.com.

Advantages of playing high school baseball with the Junior Saltdogs

  • Everyone plays. Everyone hits. Everyone plays multiple positions.
  • No pressure. Just enjoy the game of baseball and have fun competing.
  • Junior Saltdogs is affordable and a good deal.
  • Play on good fields with an end-of-season tournament
  • Play on a team with your friends. No tryouts.
  • Purchase the Saltdogs ticket vouchers as your fundraiser option and enjoy Saltdogs games with your friends or family.



U16 Registration

The second registration period for U16 is now open.  Registrations will be accepted until May 23rd.  There are two registration options:

  • In Person Registration…print and complete the 2018 U16 Registration Form being sure to have a parent sign it at the bottom, attach a copy of the player’s birth certificate, learner’s permit or driver’s license to the back of the form, and then drop off the form and payment (check payable to Junior Saltdogs or exact cash only) at the Lincoln Saltdogs office at Haymarket Park (open Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm) … FINAL IN-PERSON REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  5 pm on Fri, May 18, 2018
  • Online Registration…Please read this paragraph in its entirety before clicking the online registration link at the end. After submitting the online registration, you must email Deb separately at jslregistrations@jrsaltdogs.com with a PDF or JPG of the player’s birth certificate, learner’s permit or driver’s license before the final registration deadline of 5pm on Wednesday, May 23.   [HOW TO KNOW IF YOUR ONLINE REGISTRATION PROCESSED CORRECTLY:  If your online registration processes correctly, you will get a screen stating "online registration was successful" at the end.  Be sure to print the confirmation page and save the separate email confirmation that you will receive directly from Active.com within minutes after registering.  They are your proof of registration and will be needed should we not receive your online registration for any reason.  If you do not receive the confirmation screen and/or email confirmation, you should assume that your registration did not process correctly and either re-try the online registration or contact Deb at jslregistrations@jrsaltdogs.com for assistance.  You must contact Deb BEFORE the May 23rd deadline if you have trouble registering online.]  Click here to begin online registration  … FINAL ONLINE REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  midnight on Wed, May 23, 2018.

Mailed registrations will not be accepted – no exceptions.

There are NO REFUNDS so if you plan to try out for a legion team, please wait until after their tryouts are final before registering for the Junior Saltdogs League.

If you have any questions, please contact Deb at jslregistrations@jrsaltdogs.com or at 402/430-0390.


U16 Rules -2017 [updated 6.8.17 - 2018 rules will be posted here by April 2018]

Game rules are linked above.  Just a reminder that for 2018 we will continue to use high school bat rules for our U16 division.  This means that a player’s bat must have the BBCOR certified stamp on the bat and also be a -3 or less (i.e., -2) in order to be used in a game.  All U16 player bats will be inspected by a JSL rep on the first game night.  If approved, a sticker will be placed on the bat – only bats with this sticker are allowed to be used in U16 games.


U16 Game Schedule – 2018

The U16 regular season game schedule will be posted here in early June.  We anticipate U16 games beginning around June 12th and may be played any week night at 6pm or 8pm and potentially on Saturday afternoons and Sunday afternoons/evenings – typically each team plays about 2 games a week with game nights varying from week to week.


Team Standings / Rankings

Team standings will be posted throughout the season as coaches report in to their commissioners with their win-loss records.


U16 Tournament Schedule – 2018

For the 2018 season, JSL will host an end-of-season tournament with a 2-game minimum.  Tournament dates will not be known until early July – they will be posted here when finalized.  Until that time, the only thing we know for sure is that all regular season and tournament games will be done by July 31.

Prior to the tournament, ties in team rankings will be broken by head-to-head play or coin flip.  Medals will be awarded to the top 2 teams based on final tournament results.