Junior Saltdogs League

2018 Season

 updated 6.2.18

JSL SANDLOT SUNDAYS AT HAYMARKET PARK…The Lincoln Saltdogs have come up with a great evening of family entertainment for Junior Saltdogs players…informal old-fashioned “sandlot” games played in the outfield of Haymarket Park and watching the movie “Sandlot” on the big screen.  Dates are:

  • Sunday, May 20 – U12 & U14 players
  • Sunday, June 10 – U10 players
  • Sunday, June 24 – U8 players
  • Sunday, July 1 – U6 players

Click here for a flyer with all the details.  If any questions, contact Bret Beer with the Lincoln Saltdogs at 402/474-2255.

LINCOLN SALTDOGS’ WATCHDOGS PROGRAM…The Lincoln Saltdogs would love to have Junior Saltdogs teams participate in their Watchdogs Program.  If interested click here for the flyer and contact the Lincoln Saltdogs directly at 402/474-2255.


Registration:  Registration is closed for all our divisions.  We are not able to accept any additional players (no exceptions).  All 2018 players will automatically receive information for our 2019 season.  If you’ve had an address change or if you didn’t play in 2018 and would like to be added to our database so you receive the 2019 registration information when it goes out in early January, please email the player’s name, mailing address, and a parent’s email address to Deb at jslregistrations@jrsaltdogs.com.

Game Schedules:  For U6-U14 schedules, go to the appropriate division page at left and then select the game schedule link.  For the U16 schedule, go to the U16 page.   Please note that rain make up games will NOT be added to either of these links – coaches will be forwarded these dates as they are scheduled and will pass them on to their players/families.  JSL will honor our commitment to our JSL families that our season will be over no later than July 31.

Game Cancellations:  Go to the “Rainout Info” page for a list of any game cancellations, the phone numbers to call for rainouts, how to sign up to receive mobile text alerts for rainouts, and for our rainout policy.

End-of-Season Tournament:  The tournament schedule is affected by regular season rain makeups so dates will not be known until early July (watch for it on each division page).  For your planning purposes, we guarantee that all regular season and tournament games will be done by July 31.  For a broad “guess-timate” of when each division will play their tournament, you can use the schedule link to find the last regular season game for a team in that division, add a few days to cover any rain make-ups that might be needed, and the tournament will follow after that.

Bat Inspections:  See our 2018 bat rules in the box at the right margin.  Pre-season U10-U14 bat check dates are done.  For U10-U14, if you get a new bat and need to have it checked, it will need to be done at the field.  If a bat has either the USA baseball logo or the USSSA logo on it (see bat info at right for photo of each logo), it can be inspected/stickered at by any of our site supervisors (wearing a navy blue JSL shirt) when we have games at Fleming, Union, and Densmore.  If your bat does not have either of these logos, contact Deb at jslregistrations@jrsaltdogs.com and she will let you know where you need to go to have it checked.  For U16, all bats will be checked at the field on the first game night.  For U6-U8, bat checks are not needed.

Player and Coach Photos:  Player and Coach photo dates ended on May 31.  If you still want to have your player’s photo taken, contact Modern Images at 402-991-7786.  Once photos are printed, Modern Images will either email or mail the photo, depending on which option you marked on your photo packet.

Know Your Role:  Players will play, coaches will coach, umpires will umpire, and parents will parent.  Jr Saltdogs has a “zero tolerance” policy for everyone involved in our program. We ask that every parent, coach, and player in our program read the flyer about this on our website (posted in box in top right corner and on the Coach Information page) as well as read the Code of Conduct page. Please help us to have a positive season!

No Refunds:  The JSL has a “no refunds” policy so before registering your child, please be sure their plans are final.  If you plan to list a coach or friend request, please be in touch with them to confirm their plans before registering your child.

Questions:  Most questions can be answered by first referring to our FAQ page.  Or if a question still remains, please email Deb at jslregistrations@jrsaltdogs.com.