Junior Saltdogs League

U6-U14 divisions:  Registration for our 2018 season closed on March 3rd.  We are not accepting additional players for these divisions (no exceptions).  If you would like to be added to our database to receive registration information when it goes out for our 2019 season, please email your player’s name and mailing address and a parent’s email address to Deb at jslregistrations@jrsaltdogs.com.

U16 (high school) division only:  The second registration period for the U16 division is now open.  Go to the U16 division page at left for details and deadlines.


2018 Season – Update (posted 4.5.18)

TEAM ROSTERS….U6-U14 head coaches will receive their team rosters by April 6 along with details about the mandatory head coach meeting.  Coaches are asked to reach out to all of their players by April 14.  After that time, if you haven’t heard from your coach, please email me here with your player’s name and I will share your coach’s contact info with you. U16 coaches will receive their rosters in very late May and will reach out to their players after that.

GAME SCHEDULES…U6-U14 schedules will be final and given out to coaches on April 22.  Shortly after, we will also have a link to them on each division page of our website so please watch for them there.   The U16 schedule will be linked on the U16 page in early June.

KNOW YOUR ROLE…Players will play, coaches will coach, umpires will umpire, and parents will parent.  Jr Saltdogs has a “zero tolerance” policy for everyone involved in our program. We ask that every parent, coach, and player in our program read the flyer about this on our website (posted in box in top right corner and on the Coach Information page) as well as read the Code of Conduct page. Please help us to have a positive season! 

TEAM SHIRTS…U6-U14 coaches will receive their team shirts and caps on April 22.  Please have your child try on their shirt right away so you know it fits. Because all the shirts are customized, we do not print any extras, and re-orders take about 10 business days.  If we made a mistake and entered the incorrect size off the registration form, JSL will cover the cost of the new shirt, if not re-ordered shirts are $20 which is paid by the parent when he/she picks up the shirt at the printer.  All player shirts must be re-ordered through JSL.  If a change is needed, contact Deb at jslregistrations@jrsaltdogs.com  with the player’s name, division, sponsor or head coach name, the # on the back of the original shirt, and the best way to notify you (parent) when the shirt is ready for payment/pick up at the printer. 

BAT CHECKS (U10-U14 only)…Remember, we have new bat rules for 2018 so all U10-U14 bats (even if they have our white “approved” sticker on them from a previous season) must be re-inspected and re-stickered by a JSL rep before they can be used in a game.  If you didn’t have this done at one of the in-person registrations, you will need to have it done before season games begin on one of the following dates:

  • Sun, April 22 from 12:30-6:00pm at O Street Skillz & Drillz (there is no signage on the building but it’s at 24th & O Street on the south side of O – look for the JSL feather flag by the overhead door.  Open door and walk down ramp (please be quiet as meetings will be going on)
  • Sun, April 29 from 4:30-6:30pm at FUNdamental Athletics Academy at 8400 Cody Drive, Suite K near 14th & Yankee Hill (please be quiet as meetings will be going on)
  • May – a couple more dates will be scheduled in early May most likely at Haymarket Park.  When set, final dates/times will be posted here

Just a reminder that bat checks are not needed for U6 and U8, and since high school bat rules apply for U16, we will check all U16 bats at a later time. 

TEXT ALERTS…If you want to receive text messages when we have game rainouts or additional information to share, text JRSALTDOGS to shortcode 84483 from the phone you want to register. It will immediately send a text back to you to confirm that you are now registered or it will confirm that you are already registered. If you don’t get this, go to the Rainout Info page of our website for some troubleshooting tips. 

PHOTO DATES FOR PLAYERS AND COACHES…Photos will be taken on the dates below.  Composite photos are used for the team photo.  This year, parents will have the option of receiving their photos electronically or mailed to their home.as follows:

  • Sat, May 19 from 9am-3pm at Haymarket Park (under concourse)
  • Sun, May 20 from 12 noon-3pm at Haymarket Park (on softball side) – note there is a 1:05pm Saltdogs game
  • Makeup date:  Wed, May 30 from 5-6:30pm at Haymarket Park (under concourse)
  • Makeup date:  Thu, May 31 from 5-6:30pm at Haymarket Park (under concourse)

Coaches will receive photo packets to distribute to all their players.  Extra packets will be available at Haymarket Park on photo days.  NEW THIS YEAR:  Parents who order photos will receive their photos directly from the printer by whichever method they choose on their packet–either electronically or mailed to their home.  The printer will also forward a free print to coaches who have their photo taken which will be forwarded to them at the end of the season. 

LINCOLN SALTDOGS’ WATCHDOGS PROGRAM…The Lincoln Saltdogs would love to have Junior Saltdogs teams participate in their Watchdogs Program.  If interested click here for the flyer and contact the Lincoln Saltdogs directly at 402/474-2255.

JSL SANDLOT SUNDAYS AT HAYMARKET PARK…The Lincoln Saltdogs have come up with a great evening of family entertainment for Junior Saltdogs players…informal old-fashioned “sandlot” games played in the outfield of Haymarket Park and watching the movie “Sandlot” on the big screen.  Click here for a flyer with all the details.  If any questions, contact Bret Beer with the Lincoln Saltdogs at 402/474-2255.



NO REFUNDS:  The JSL has a “no refunds” policy so before registering your child, please be sure their plans are final.  If you plan to list a coach or friend request, please be in touch with them to confirm their plans before registering your child.

QUESTIONS:  Most questions can be answered by first referring to our FAQ page.  Or if a question still remains, please email Deb at jslregistrations@jrsaltdogs.com.