Lincoln Youth Baseball Organization (dba as Junior Saltdogs League)

Junior Saltdogs is a summer youth baseball program.  We have 7 divisions…U6 tball, U8 machine pitch, and player pitch for U10, U12, U14, and U17, as well as our Homer’s Heroes division for kids with physical or intellectual disabilities.

We have 75-100 teams each season, and there are no tryouts.  JSL commissioners form the teams based on the preferences that each player lists on their registration form for a specific coach, friend, or school.  While we can’t guarantee specific team placement, we do our very best to honor listed preferences while at the same time balancing player numbers between all the teams in each division.  Please check the FAQ page for answers to many questions.

2022 Season

U6-U14 divisions:  Registration for our 2022 season is closed, and we won’t be accepting additional players (no exceptions).  If you would like to be added to our database to receive 2023 registration information when it goes out in early January, please email Deb at jslregistrations@jrsaltdogs.com with your best email address, home mailing address, and player’s name.

U17 (high school) division only:  A second registration period for U17 only will open in mid-April and continue to late May.  Watch the U17 page for details and the final registration deadline when it is set.

UPDATES FOR 2022 PLAYERS AND COACHES (updated 4.25.22)

U6-U14 Head Coaches:  Head coaches have received rosters and game schedules.  2022 Rules as well as our insurance certificates (if needed for your practice location) are on the Rules-Reference Materials page).

U6-U14 Players:  Your child’s head coach should have contacted you by now.  If not, first check your junk/spam folders, and if you don’t have an email or haven’t received a phone call, email Deb at jslregistrations@jrsaltdogs.com with your player’s name and division and she’ll share the head coach name and contact info with you.

U6-U14 Game Schedules:  Are posted on each division page at left.  Game nights will vary from week to week with potential game days every week night, Saturdays, and Sundays.  Please remember that Jr Saltdogs does not own any fields, so our game days are based on when the individual field owners will let us rent their fields.

U10-U17 Bat Rules/Checks:  Player bats have to be inspected/stickered to make sure they meet our bat rules (see box at right).   If the bat is approved by us, we’ll put a sticker on it (orange for U10-U14, green for U17).  Bats without this sticker are not allowed and a batter is out if they use a bat without a sticker (umps may or may not give a warning the first few games or the season).  If your child’s bat already has a sticker of the appropriate color for his division, no bat check is needed and it is good to use for the season.  Bat checks are not required for U6-U8.  We won’t be doing any additional days for bat checks before season games begin.  All checks will now need to be done when we are available on a JSL game night at Lewis or Fleming fields - you can use the schedule link and select location schedules to see when JSL game nights are.  We do our best to have someone at the field locations (look for a JSL Board member or site supervisor wearing a navy blue JSL polo) but once games begin we’re dealing with multiple field locations and we never know when we get pulled away to deal with an issue that crops up.  Because of that, make sure your child understands that he may not be able to use his bat right away and will have to borrow a teammate’s bat until the bat check is done.

Free Lincoln Saltdogs Tickets:  Each registered JSL player will receive 10 free general admission tickets to regular season Lincoln Saltdogs games.  U6-U14 players should have received an email from the Lincoln Saltdogs office with the player’s ID code and how to redeem your 10 tickets. If you did not get the email from them or have any questions about the process to get/redeem your tickets, contact the Lincoln Saltdogs ticket office directly at 402/434-6896 or info@saltdogs.com.   U17 players will receive their email from the Lincoln Saltdogs after the May 25th registration deadline.

Area Baseball Events:  Watch the Rules-Reference Materials page – as we become aware of area baseball events that might interest Jr Saltdogs players, we will post them there



NO REFUNDS:  The JSL has a “no refunds” policy so before registering your child, please be sure their plans are final.  If you plan to list a coach or friend request, please be in touch with them to confirm their plans before registering your child.

QUESTIONS:  Most questions can be answered by referring to our FAQ page.  If not, please email Deb at jslregistrations@jrsaltdogs.com.