Junior Saltdogs League

Game Cancellations:  Go to the “Rainout Info” page for a list of any game cancellations, the phone numbers to call for rainouts, how to sign up to receive mobile text alerts for rainouts, and for our rainout policy.  Updated 7.20.16 – Please note that if tournament games are cancelled at this point, they will not be made up.

Registration:  If you didn’t play in 2016 but would like to be added to our database so you receive the 2017 registration information when it goes out in early January 2017, please email the player’s name, mailing address, and a parent’s email address to Deb at jslregistrations@jrsaltdogs.com.

Game Schedules:  Schedules are posted on each division page at left.  Please note that rain make up games will NOT be added to the links – coaches will be forwarded these dates as they are scheduled and will pass them on to their players/families.  JSL will honor our commitment to our JSL families that our season will be over no later than July 31.

End-of-Season Tournament:  Schedules have been posted on each division page at left.  NOTE FOR TOURNAMENT (added 7.20.16) – The forecast is HOT for the next few days!  Please note that we do not cancel games due to heat.  Please make sure your kids bring plenty of water at the game (and remind them during the game to actually drink it). Encouraging them to drink plenty of water the day before the game will help as well.  Plan to bring extra water/cool towels for the game for the players to use between innings or as needed.  If you have any concerns, remember you have the right to pull your child from the game at any time if you feel that’s best for your child. 

Player and Coach Photos:  Champ Shots has mailed orders to the head coaches for distribution to their players/parents.

QUESTIONS:  Most questions can be answered by referring to our FAQ page.  If not, please email Deb at jslregistrations@jrsaltdogs.com.