In accordance with the Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act, the Junior Saltdogs League is providing the following educational materials and online training course for our players, parents, and coaches:

1. Education: Review the fact sheets below before the season begin:.

2. Athlete Removal: If an athlete is “reasonably suspected” of having a concussion, they must be removed from participation. They may not return to games or practice until a licensed medical professional evaluates and clears them to participate.

3. Signed Clearance Process: Coaches must notify the JSL when a concussion is suspected. The JSL will need to receive a completed Medical Clearance form. The JSL then will notify the coach that the player can resume participation.


Training: All JSL coaches and volunteers are encouraged to complete the following training program — Heads Up Concussion in Youth Sports – Online Training for Coaches.

Concussion Form: If a player is suspected of getting a concussion during a game or practice, coaches must fill out the JSL Suspected Concussion form. This documents that the injury occurred and outlines the legally required follow up. The form will also be provided in coach packets at the start of the season.

Medical Clearance Form: This form must be signed by appropriate medical professionals and parents to document that the child’s injury was medically evaluated and if the child is free to return to practices or games.