U10 Commissioners

The U10 commissioners for the 2021 season are Bob & Tracy Hanzlicek.  Their direct email is jslu10s@jrsaltdogs.com.


Game Schedule


Team Standings / Rankings

Team standings/rankings will be posted for all divisions throughout the season as coaches report in to their commissioners with their win-loss records.


Rank Team name
1 Modern Real Estate – WIENKE, JEFF
2 Edward’s Stone – RING, ED
3 Mach 1 Electric – TROMBLEE, MARK
4 AAA Ultimate Pawn – BAHM, TRAVIS
5 Runza – JOHNSON, LEE
6 Union Bank & Trust – O’HARA, PAT
7 Infinity Promotions – HANLEY, KEVIN
8 Bryan Honnor’s Glove Repair – BYRD, CHARLIE
9 Certified Piedmontese Beef – DOYLE, MATT
10 Raising Cane’s – SEIP, JAYSON
11 Virginia’s Café – VON BUSCH, MARK
12 Midwest Bank – FOOTE, JEREMY
13 Slim Chickens – O’HARA, BYMER
14 Chick-fil-A SouthPointe – VASEY, MATT
15 Sandhills Global – VENEMA, COLBY
16 FUNdamental Athletics Academy – ERKS, DREW
17 Eclipse – ROSE, JAY
18 EyeCare Specialties – BARRY, ANDRE
19 DICK’s Sporting Goods – OSBORN, ABBY
20 fiserv. – HANZLICEK, BOB
21 Primrose School of Lincoln – MOHLING, CHAD
22 Play It Again Sports – GRESS, CLARK

Tournament Schedule

JSL will host a 2-game end-of-season tournament for U10.   Click here for the tournament schedule.

Prior to the tournament, ties in team rankings will be broken by head-to-head play or coin flip.  Medals will be awarded to the top 2 teams based on final tournament results.


Updated Tournament Play

Mon, July 26, Lewis 1   HOME/AWAY (Determined by Coin-Flip)   AWAY/HOME (Determined by Coin-Flip)
6:00 PM   AAA Ultimate Pawn   Edward’s Stone