U17 Commissioner

The commissioner for the 2021 season is Eric Hyde.  His direct email is jslu17s@jrsaltdogs.com.


2021 Season Update:  

For 2021, we have extended the maximum age from 16 yrs to 17 yrs (as of 4.30.21) for our high school division.  Because our 2020 season was cancelled due to Covid, this age extension will give one more year of eligibility to play in our U17 high school division.


Advantages of playing high school baseball with the Junior Saltdogs:

  • Everyone plays. Everyone hits. Everyone plays multiple positions.
  • No pressure. Just enjoy the game of baseball and have fun competing.
  • Junior Saltdogs is affordable and a good value.
  • Play on good fields with an end-of-season tournament
  • Play on a team with your friends. No tryouts.

2021 Season Registration closed on May 26.  We are not able to accept any additional players.  All age-eligible 2021 players will automatically receive information for our 2022 season.  If you didn’t play in 2021 but would like to be added to our database so you receive the 2022 registration information, please email the player’s name, mailing address, and a parent’s email address to Deb at jslregistrations@jrsaltdogs.com.


2021 Game Schedule


Team Standings / Rankings

Team standings/rankings will be posted throughout the season as coaches report in to the U17 Commissioner with their win-loss records.


Tournament Schedule

JSL will host a tournament for U17 after regular season games are finished.   Tournament dates are affected by regular season rain makeups that are needed; therefore, the tournament dates won’t be known and finalized until July – it will be posted here when it is finalized.  For a general estimate, find the last game for any team in your division, reserve a few days after that for any potential late rain makeup games, and the tournament will follow.  All regular season and tournament games will be completed no later than July 31.

Prior to the tournament, ties in team rankings will be broken by head-to-head play or coin flip.  Medals will be awarded to the top 2 teams based on final tournament results.