U6: T-Ball

U6: T-Ball

U6 Commissioner

The U6 commissioner for the 2022 season is Mike Hyde.  His direct email is jslu6s@jrsaltdogs.com.


Game Schedule – 2022


Team Standings / Rankings

Team standings/rankings will not be posted for U6.  Head coaches should track their team’s win-loss record and email it to the U6 commissioner  weekly.  It will be used at the end of the season so your tournament game is against a team of similar record.


Tournament Schedule – 2022

The U6 tournament will be held at Lewis the evenings of July 20 and 21.  Teams will be paired with a team with a similar record.    The U6 commissioner will notify head coaches of their game date, time and field assignment and they will let their parents know.

Ribbons will be given to all U6 head coaches so they can be handed out to all U6 players.