U8: Machine Pitch

U8: Machine Pitch

U8 Commissioners

The U8 Commissioners for the 2019 season are Bob and Tracy Hanzlicek.  Their direct email is jslu8s@jrsaltdogs.com.

Rules – 2019

The 2018 rules are linked here for reference only – check back for the 2019 rules.


Game Schedule – 2019

The 2019 game schedule will be posted here in mid-April.  Games are played Monday thru Friday at 6pm and 8pm as well as on Saturday afternoons (Sunday afternoons are also possible although we try to avoid those).  Teams play about 2 games a week with game nights varying from week to week.  The U8 season typically starts in mid-May.

Tournament Schedule – 2019

JSL will host a 2-game tournament.  Dates will not be known until early July – they will be posted here when they are finalized.  For a general estimate, once the regular season schedule is posted above, find the last game for any team in your division, reserve a few days after that for any potential late rain makeup games, and the tournament will follow after that.  All regular season and tournament games will be completed no later than July 31.

Ribbons will be awarded to all U8 players.