Rainout Info

Rainout Info

JSL Rainout Line: 441-9722

NOTE: A text alert will be sent and the phone lines and website updated only if there are game cancellations to report. If you do not see the current game date below or hear it on the phone message, assume all games are on as scheduled.

          CANCELLATIONS FOR WED, JUNE 26:  Lewis, Elks, and UNI are cancelled due to wet fields [updated 6.26.19, 2:45pm]

Register your cell phones to receive rainout text alerts: For the 2010 season, we will use the same company so if you received the alerts in 2018, you are still registered for them.

To register to receive the alerts (or if you’re unsure whether or not you are registered):  Text JRSALTDOGS to shortcode 84483 from the phone(s) you want to receive the alerts.  Within 30 seconds, you should receive a welcome message to let you know your phone was registered successfully.  If not, see the “problems” paragraph below.  If you can’t remember if you have registered, send the text above.  If you have already registered your phone, the system will send you a text letting you know you are already subscribing.

Sprint customers: When board members registered their phones, we discovered that shortcodes for Sprint are defaulted off. In order to register your phone, you will first need to call Sprint customer service and ask them to turn on all the “free” shortcodes.

Problems registering your phone: RainedOut.com has strict confidentiality so we are not able to help if you have any problems registering or you don’t receive the welcome message indicated above or for some reason you stop receiving the text messages during the season. If any of these should happen, you will need to work directly with the company. Go to www.rainedout.com and see their FAQs and Test Phone links at the very bottom of their home page.

To unsubscribe from the text alerts: Reply STOP to any text alert.  Or go to www.rainedout.com, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Unsubscribe then follow the screen prompts.


Junior Saltdogs League Rainout Policy

Please Note:  The JSL does not own any fields. We rent venues from the city, state, and other private entities.  While we do hire high school age workers for some of the field maintenance, in most cases, the owners of these facilities make the determination of field playability.  They are protecting not only the safety of the participants but also the long-term care of their facilities.

REGULAR SEASON GAMES: During severe weather on game days, the fields will be checked after 3:00pm for safety and playability. In the event of game cancellations, a message will be posted on the rainout lines and website and a text alert sent by 5:00pm.

After 5pm weekdays, the adult coaches and umpire should determine if the game needs to be cancelled as severe weather progresses. Please note, if weather conditions occur close to the start of the 6pm game, it may not be possible to update the rainout line if games are cancelled after 6pm. We apologize in advance if you drive to the game and it gets cancelled.

For weekend games, we will forecast the playability by 5pm on the previous evening. If possible, the rainout line will be updated the following morning. Please check the rainout line frequently as updates may occur throughout the day.

If cancelled, the coaches should contact the commissioner. A commissioner may or may not be present at the field.

PLEASE NOTE: It is NOT possible for our volunteers and field crew, to re-check every field across Lincoln if weather moves in during the late afternoon. Conditions may improve or deteriorate as the day progresses. Because the fields are spread all over Lincoln, some fields may be playable while other fields may NOT be playable. We sometimes have to make a “crystal ball” decision.

TOURNAMENT GAMES: Weather cancellation decisions for year-end tournaments will be made separately for each of the morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. If the first game of the session is cancelled, the remaining games in that session are cancelled. Weather may effect playability as the day progresses.

For tournament games on week nights, the rainout line and website will be updated and a text alert sent by 5pm with any cancellations.

For tournament games on Saturdays, the rainout line and website will be updated and a text alert sent one hour before the first scheduled game time of each session below.

  1. Morning session: If cancelled, all morning games will be cancelled.
  2. Afternoon session: If cancelled, all afternoon games will be cancelled.
  3. Evening session: If cancelled, all evening games will be cancelled.

JSL reserves the right to modify the format and schedule as needed.



There are NO refunds for unplayed games.

The first TWO rainouts during the regular season will NOT be rescheduled.

League officials will attempt to reschedule any remaining regular season rainouts but can make no guarantees.

Due to limited field availability and our guarantee to our JSL families that our season will be over no later than July 31, tournament games may not be made up in the event of rainouts.