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Coach Equipment Swap and End-of-Season Returns

Following the coach meetings, we will list dates here when we will be at O Street Skill & Drills at 25th & O Streets (where the coach meetings are held) for any equipment swaps that are needed.  Contact JSL Vice President Mark Svoboda for information.

Head coaches must return all their JSL equipment and bag following their last tournament game to the JSL equipment storage facility at O Street Skills & Drills at 25th & O Streets on the south side of O (where the pre-season coach meeting was held).  Dates/times when the facility will be open for returns will be listed below when they are set.

Your help in removing everything from the bag and giving it a good shake out before you bring it back would be very appreciated.  There will be a charge for missing equipment.

If you will be out of town during the scheduled dates, please make arrangements with your assistant coach or another team parent to return the equipment bag for you.

If you have any problems, please email Deb at or call/text her at 402/430-0390.  If you are running a little tight to the listed end time, please call/text Deb and let her know you are on your way.


Area Baseball Events

In the past, we have posted information about area baseball coach/player clinics, contests, tournaments, events, etc. that might interest Jr Saltdogs coaches or players.  For the 2021 season, due to Covid and to restrict potential spread, we are not posting any other events this year.