Composite Bats

JSL bans useĀ of composite bats

(updated 2.24.13)

Effective with the 2011 season, composite-barreled bats are banned from use in all JSL divisions. JSL uses both the Little League National and the NSAA high school guidelines for allowable bats during league play. It is possible that newer composite-barreled bats have been manufactured under these new guidelines. Any older composite bats that do not meet these standards, cannot be used. Consult these organizations websites to see if your bat is approved.

U14 can use either a Little League or high school approved bat. U17 is required to used a high school approved bat. If you have additional questions, please contact the JSL Vice President at the link on the Board page at left.

If your bat was inspected and stickered by JSL in the past and the sticker is still on the bat, it is not necessary to have it inspected again. If you are new to JSL or have a new bat, a JSL rep must inspect it and, if approved, they will be place a special sticker on the bat. Umpires will look for this sticker at all games and will not allow a non-stickered bat to be used in games. Bat inspections will be done at all of the in-person registration dates. Inspections will also be done later in April; however, a limited number of dates/times will be available.